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Adult Stem Cell Nutrition 

"As We Age, The Body Releases Fewer And Fewer ADULT STEM CELLS Which Are The Body's Rebuilding Tools. STEM CELL NUTRITION Helps Overcome The Aging Process By Promoting The Release Of Additional Adult Stem Cells In The Body."

Adult stem cells are undifferentiated cells found throughout the body after embryonic development that divide to replenish dying cells and regenerate damaged tissues.

Stem cells are the foundation cells for every organ, tissue and cell in the body. They are like a blank microchip that can ultimately be programmed to perform particular tasks. Stem cells are undifferentiated or "blank" cells that have not yet fully specialized. Under proper conditions, stem cells begin to develop into specialized tissues and organs.

Additionally, stem cells can self-renew, that is they can divide and give rise to more stem cells. They can be found in children, as well as adults.

Research into adult stem cells has been fueled by their abilities to divide or self-renew indefinitely and generate all the cell types of the organ from which they originate — potentially regenerating the entire organ from a few cells. Unlike embryonic stem cells, the use of adult stem cells in research and therapy is not controversial because the production of adult stem cells does not require the creation or destruction of an embryo.

Adult stem cell treatments have been successfully used for many years to treat leukemia and related bone/blood cancers through bone marrow transplants.  Adult stem cells are also used in veterinary medicine to treat tendon and ligament injuries in horses. The use of adult stem cells in research and therapy is not as controversial as embryonic stem cells, because the production of adult stem cells does not require the destruction of an embryo. For more information on stem cells or the JDIMLM Opportunity,  click here.

Aphanizomenon flos-aquae
  “invisible living flower of the water”

Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition

is an all-natural patented supplement that helps to increase the release of adult stem cells or what are also known as progenitor cells noted below. It is not to be confused with any other product that has less than 750 mg. of active ingredient per capsule and could consist of merely fruit extracts and/or simply Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) extracts.

This is among the very 1st and we think the best supplement in the world to help you avoid the problems associated with embryonic stem cells received from a donor in the hospital environment.

Powerful Nutrition, Awesome Results, Affordable

JDIMLM a division of Emergent Health Corp.
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Beginning August 1 2012 ~ New JDI Pay Plan

The New JDIMLM JDI 7 Level Compensation Plan is also now in your Back Office. It is both Spanish and English. Please check them out.

THE JDI MLM MARKETING PLAN (Véaseespañolas en el otrolado.)

First of all, health is wealth. Teaching people how to stay healthy is also a way to freedom and liberty.  You can't really experience freedom and liberty if you are always worried about where your next dollar is coming from or when it's coming in. We believe the best chance for the average person to achieve financial liberty is through JDI's Referral Marketing Path.

We originally started with a 4 Tier Affiliate Plan. Our Distributors simply wanted more potential, so we gave it to them! Any way you look at it, the plan is still simple and easy to understand. So check out the potential!

Here is how JDI’s NEW MLM Business Builder or 7 Tier Affiliate Plan will work when implemented with a target of August 1, 2012:

Purchase at least one product monthly (for resale or personal use). While there are other products to choose from as you will see on the Shopping Cart and Sign Up page, the lead selling product is JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support. It is a vitamin-mineral supplement that is designed to provide nutrients you need plus adult stem cell nutrition simultaneously. We don't know of any product quite like it as it is patented and patent pending. Over 50% of adults consume a daily vitamin & mineral formula. That is an existing market for those who wish to have the very best from JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support, as well as those other 50% who have not yet become aware they need this supplement.

When you refer others to JDI and they purchase products, we will pay you commissions on their purchases. Commissions are monthly and checks go out by the 5th of the following month. When those members you have referred have their own referrals, you will earn additional commissions on those purchases. This can continue through 7 levels as seen below.

Level 1 pays you 20% from those you personally refer.
Level 2 pays you 10% from those they refer.
Level 3 pays you 10% from those level 2 refer.
Level 4 pays you 2.5% from those level 3 refer.
Level 5 pays you 2.5% from those level 4 refer.
Level 6 pays you 2.5% from those level 5 refer
Level 7 pays you 2.5% from those level 6 refer

Everyone who joins under you is placed on the first level of your 7 Level Structure. You can build it as wide as you like on your first level. Earn an unlimited income! We will use the JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support as the example of a product selling for $29.95 plus S&H.
here's no infinite chain of recruiting. All commissions are generated from Product Sales. No gimmicks. It is just a simple, fair, and ethical pay plan allowing you to build your own business within a business.

Simply Expect Success. And Just Do It!

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