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A Division of Emergent Health Corp.

JDI International is a division of Emergent Health Corp. (EHC). EHC has been in business since 2006, has no debt and is committed to annual growth.

The JDI MLM division was founded to take a position in network marketing with products that are unique and need some explaining. They may not be perfect for conventional store marketing because distribution costs are very high. Instead, JDI International will offer these unique products through a special referral marketing 4 Tier Affiliate Plan similar to MLM and share the distribution expenses with its networking partners by paying it out to them.

The first product to be offered by JDI International is its MultiVitamin -Multi Mineral With Stem Cell Nutrition Support.

This product is a groundbreaking and patented product that should be the supplement foundation for every vitamin taking consumer in not only the USA, but the rest of the world.

That is the JDI International vision, and based upon marketing experience, referral marketing is the only cost effective way to fulfill that vision.

Our lead product is priced $29.95 and fits almost every monthly budget.  JDIMLM offers equal opportunity to all.

What People are Talking About JDI MultiVitamin with Stem Cell Nutrition:

I had numerous health issues ranging from tendontiis,chronic fatigue, pain as well as lack of energy. While I was taking other products to help, it was not unti I started taking JDI MultiVitamin-MultiMineral with Stem Cell Nutrition that I started to feel like I was 100% again. Thank goodness for feeling well again.
~Mary Ellen B.

Ok, I'm a believer. I've been on the Stem Cell vitamins for just under two weeks. Knee pain GONE, stiffness GONE, headaches GONE. These DO Work!!!
~Kevin P

I was diagnosed with major depression in 1998. I tried many products, looking for something other than the prescribed anti-depressant medications. I knew there was an alternative out there somewhere. Prior to the stem cell vitamins I did find a product that helped more than the others, however something was still missing. My husband introduced me to Stem cell nutrition. I began taking the product in March 2011 with immediate results. Depression sufferer's really don't feel like doing much on a daily basis. I would lay on the couch for hours sometimes days. Well I'm off the couch for good. I'm in the gym 6 to 7 times a week. I've found the missing link. Stem cell vitamins seems to have targeted the areas of stress and anxities in my life. The depression is Finally under control after all these years. I feel GREAT & Alive again. I highly recommend this product to everyone. 
Thank's so much JDI
PS: And Thank's to my husband (Marvin) who is very happy.
~Patricia B

I no longer need to elevate my legs at night to releive pressure on my lower back, my energy level has increased and I feel great overall, I know this Stem Cell Vitamin is what the World needs!
~Lance A

I am a gardener and will occasionally get a pretty good cut if I am not careful. I am a notorious slow healer (whether bruising, cutting etc..). I had a cut on my right hand near the bottom of my little finger that I think I got weekend before last. I put nothing on it, nor did I even bandage it. I pretty much forgot it. As of today the cut is completely healed with just barely a noticeable mark and a slightly rough spot if you really feel for it. Usually those things I would carry with me throughout the gardening season never really fully healing. I have been taking JDI multi-vitamin for 2-3 weeks and I seem to have healed quicker,
~T. M.

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